Prakriti Philosophy

This is the age of ever-changing dynamics - new needs; opportunities and solution providers emerge constantly. Businesses must be agile and flexible and be willing to commit themselves in the long run to every choice they make. This is not easy and organizations are right to turn to partners to help in cutting costs and lead times and enhancing global presence. The right partner can help a small business take on a giant, while wrong advice and support can send a Goliath spiraling downwards. Prakriti, with its strengths in technology based services, functional disciplines and investment acumen, is today helping leaders and trendsetters in industry analyze changing requirements, make sense of technology options and build durable solutions. We are now positioned as the ideal partners for the new economy, whether you are a business, entrepreneur or investor. This is what makes us a company with an opervesting philosophy, which is a unique combination of operating plus investing skills. If we see an idea we believe in (or want you to believe in), we show the way by investing in it ourselves first. Such incubation initiatives help us create long-term partners and also illustrate our own faith in the ideas of our partners (or clients). At Prakriti we believe in putting our money where our mouth is and that is where opervestment comes in. If an idea inspires belief in us we go after it. This has helped us forge partnerships with some extremely high quality professionals and also keep pace with the changing dynamics of the industry. We back our opervestment philosophy with a full-fledged team that has considerable experience in working with start-ups and helping them achieve their potential. As a global and multi-domain company our mandate has been to create pioneering products and services that fulfill long-term needs rather than instant ones. Today, we are eyeing the convergence of Internet and telecom as the key growth area of the future. We are already in the process of creating tools that match this vision and have recently added partners, both in India, US, UK, China and Taiwan, who we believe will help us become an even better company in the ICE age. Our markets have traditionally been international and we realize that it is important to be closer to our markets and clients. We now are planning to build our presence in Europe and East Asia as well. As we grow we shall persist with policies that imbue customer loyalty, employee benefits, technological sophistication, profit consciousness and entrepreneurial spirit down the line. These are values that have stood human enterprise in good stead throughout history and we believe that they shall guide us profitably in the new millennium as well.